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This is a resume' of the Annual General Meeting held on 20th December 2014 at The White House.  For information, there were 6 members (including committee) present at the AGM (for the following lunch, 51 members and friends).

The meeting commenced at 12.00 midday.  The annual accounts were read and accepted unanimously.  A small operating cash reserve is held and the club has traded with members only, with an operating surplus of 193.03.  The voted membership increase of 3 will therefore not be made  - as StagMag is now sent on demand only by electronic means, but can also be downloaded from the website including back copies (not all older issues have been kept by electronic means), and RSS feeds introduced from our new tamper-proof website revealed to members only. 

The technical seminar programme is self-funded and has broken even despite a significant increase in insurance costs consequent upon 2 changes of venue.  These new venues have enabled separate north and south events on consecutive weekends.  We now have a 'platinum' sponsor as well as individual event sponsors and this has enabled  expansion in scope of activities and simplified logistics burden on committee members.

The club has now twice been affected in its membership function by theft of funds and data. 

In the first case a simple theft of c500 occurred and as the club member was in the USA then subsequently found to be a bankrupt, it was pointless to sue and this has now been written off. 

In the second case,  as instructed by the AGM the former membership secretary was issued with a letter of intent for criminal/civil prosecution.  This has resulted in sporadic payments from the person concerned based solely on our own estimates.  A total of 580 of 750 outstanding has so far been received and the person concerned has also informally admitted to passing on those member details to a competitor club, presumably for some financial incentive.  The meeting agreed not to press for a Police or civil prosecution for financial theft under these circumstances.  Regarding data theft, the committee has been asked to seek legal advice regarding the 'other' Stag club concerned.

Next AGM was suggested for the same weekend in 2015 with dates/details TBA.  The committee was asked to suggest an alternative venue to be in the proximity of Heathrow Airport to facilitate European (and other overseas especially USA) members to be present.

The AGM closed at 12.46 and lunch among friends was thoroughly enjoyed.


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