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Statutory Off-road Notification (SORN)

This has applied for a few years.  If your car is not being used on the road AT ALL it does not require a 'tax disc'.  The SORN needed to be renewed annually, or a fine could ensue - popular folk law has it that this was not followed through by the authorities, but we guess difficulties would ensue when a re-taxing was required.

The regulations have however been relaxed effective October this year, and an existing SORN remains in force until such time as the vehicle is put back on the road and a 'tax disc' applied for - but see below!

Obtaining a 'Tax Disc'

Effective October 2014, a tax disc no longer needs to be displayed on your car windscreen.  However, the need to pay the DVLA tax still exists and this can be most conveniently done on-line.

Note that enforcement of payment has been transferred generally to the police, who have the ability to also check MoT certificates and insurance on their databases.  They are alleging that many police vehicles have this technology installed but it is doubtful that this is so.  The DVLA are also using roadside ANPR devices and it is only a matter of time until devices are permanently attached to roadside furniture.  As BIG BROTHER is watching you, please ensure you are legal at all times.

And Now Drivers Licences

Now, the paper 'counterpart' of your drivers licence has been 'illegalised' and is not accepted as a legal document by any organisation.  Your licence details are held by the DVLA (or whatever they call themselves this week) and if any organisation needs to see the details previously available on the paper 'counterpart', you will firstly need to create a temporary name and password so they can access your data.

This might seem an insignificant change but is actually serious.  The Police will now be able to record pending prosecutions etc., itself raising many questions because the police generally are not accurate and may record highly contentious issues which could not stand up in court - plus under this open access regime your licence may be subject to hacking (as indeed this website is by persons/organisations I could list!).  Please tread carefully.


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