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You can obtain technical information on the Stag from a number of sources;

  • Stag Digest, a non-club owned chat room service (preferred)
  • By e-mail or fax to the TSR club office 
  • Phone call to the TSR club office
  • Technical bulletins - see TB index to left
  • Stag Buyers Guide
  • Our newsletter - StagMag published periodically
  • TSR technical seminars and local events
  • Drivers handbook, parts book and workshop manuals
  • Other TSR members

Technical Bulletins are generally unavailable to non-members, but you can see the range of subjects we have covered in our TB series by clicking the Stag to the left.  Members can obtain TB's on demand in the member-only area.

Also, we have opened information of interest to non-members on 2 subjects - that of which kind of petrol (gas) to use in the Stag, and whether your Stag is tax exempt (UK only).  We may well add more bulletins at a later date.

This information is provided in the best possible faith, but you are advised to draw your own conclusions and decide upon your own course of action from the information provided in this and other sources. Neither members or officers of the TSR nor any other persons providing such information will be held responsible in law for any consequences arising from such information imparted.

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For membership and any other information, please contact the TSR Office;
Phone:    +44 (0) 1202 761051                           E-mail:


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