Role of TSR in Parts

The TSR does not directly supply parts.  We, like all other classic car clubs are amateurs in the parts field.  We cannot afford the huge investment necessary to fund and operate a Stag parts operation, without charging members a huge membership fee.  Thus we will not compete with the specialists.

We believe that the Stag parts suppliers are usually experts running large commercial operations with a great deal of investment and business experience.  We do not believe we can do the job better than them, and do not seek to interfere with their operations.

Rather, we believe the role of car clubs is to support and encourage those parts suppliers as best we can, by liaising with them to improve the availability and quality of parts they offer, to the benefit of the Stag movement in general.

However, where we know of supply problems such as the complete non-availability of particular parts or totally unsatisfactory quality, we are often able to put forward a sound business case for re-supply to one or more parts suppliers so that parts once more become available to members.  We believe this is a better approach than risking large amounts of members money in dubious ventures.

Where members have specific complaints against a parts supplier, we are able to intervene on the members behalf in the expectation of reaching a resolution.  However, please remember that your own expectations may be unrealistic, so we cannot undertake to always secure an outcome which will satisfy you completely.

Parts Quality
We firmly believe it is in members interests to only use genuine 'factory quality' parts.  Cheap parts, and parts sourced from places other than the Stag suppliers, are likely to be of dubious quality and may well cause the Stag problems in service.

Typical examples of parts obtained from dubious sources and which can give big trouble on the Stag are;

  • Oil filters
  • Timing chains
  • Non-reinforced water hoses
  • water pumps

Further information is available on the above - and other - parts on joining the club.

Members of the TSR have carried out technical investigations into poor quality parts, and enabled better quality supply through Stag specialists who are interested in members welfare. 


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