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Why The Stag?

The TSR is a relatively new club formed in 1997 by members with plenty of previous experience of running Stag-oriented motor clubs. TSR today has over 1,000 members, and is here to serve the needs of all Stag fans - whether currently owning a Stag or hoping to buy one soon, UK or overseas enthusiast. To give you a flavour of the TSR, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What Makes the TSR Different? 
A lot of things. We decided to concentrate on providing only what we know the vast majority of members want. Things like motor insurance, Stag valuations, technical assistance, benefits and car security matters to mention just a few. We don't have a huge hierarchy of officials with expense accounts, we don't spend lots of your money on standing around on expensive show-stands, and we don't use your money to subsidise those select few members who go to events you simply aren't interested in.

Do You Have a Monthly Magazine? 
We publish a periodic newsletter - called StagMag but only when we have something to tell you. This is small and produced at minimal cost - definitely not glossy! When local groups are formed, your own personalised StagMag with events and announcements specific to your own group can be published. This also contains technical information on Stags, and announces national and international events. Stags are advertised free.

Where Can I get Parts and Service For My Stag? 
Once you are a member, you will receive a Listed Suppliers Directory on request or direct on this website. This is updated through StagMag, based on members experiences. We do not finance or supply parts ourselves as we know the Stag specialists who operate on a commercial basis know this job best, and we will not be tempted to make expensive mistakes with your money. If you get stuck, let us try to find that elusive part for you - or why not advertise in StagMag free?

What About Stag Insurance? 
We have our approved insurance scheme, and are also very happy to pass on names of other specialists in the classic car market. Our valuations service enables your Stag insurance cover to be at "agreed value" - an essential feature of insurance for those whose Stag is a treasured possession.

Are There Any Social Events? 
This is generally up to local groups to organise - invitations to local groups or to every member may be placed in StagMag, for instance a camping weekend. We may supplement this with very occasional social events organised by the TSR, such as the annual general meeting, a trip into Europe, or a technical seminar. Similarly, we have good relationships with other clubs and motoring-related organisations and details of their events of interest to Stag owners will be advised to you from time to time.

What About Local Groups? 
On joining, you will be advised of your nearest local group. If there is no current local group, we can help bring new members together into a new group - provided there are sufficient interested members within drive-time of your planned meeting place, and who are prepared to regularly support meetings. Part of your subscription can be made available to the group you nominate to actively support.

Can You Help Me Buy a Stag? 
StagMag advertises Stags for sale and wanted. Detailed vehicle examinations can be arranged with the major motoring organisations and from a number of Stag specialists at a discounted price. We also have a very comprehensive Stag Buyers Guide, which details what you should look for and which also gives you tips on how to recognise a Stag which might be stolen.

What Other Benefits Are There? 
We have arranged special discounts for membership of the motoring organisations, saving much more than your annual subscription to TSR. Discounts are also available from travel & holiday companies. We can also supply a comprehensive guide to Continental travel in your Stag. We believe this area of the TSR is very important, and we are always looking for additional benefits for you. We also have access to the "European Knighthawk Register" provided by Triumph Stag Club Deutschland, which introduces you to other Stag enthusiasts who can help you out of a fix in the UK and in Europe.

Do You Have Good Relationships With Other Stag Clubs? 
Yes. There are many clubs catering for the Stag in the UK, Europe and world-wide, and several Presidents or Vice-Presidents of those Clubs are also Vice-Presidents of the TSR. We aim to co-operate with all Stag Clubs as far as possible where it is in our members' interests, holding joint local meetings and even joining in with international events from time to time. For instance, we had several Stags at the German Club European Stag Meeting in 2002, with more planned for 2003 and beyond.

Are Sporting Events Arranged? 
We have no intention of arranging a major national or international motor sport event. However, we are members of the UK-based Motor Sports Association, and can arrange local group sporting meetings including 12-car treasure hunts. Similarly, the MSA regularly advise us of their own organised rallies, while other organisations holding sporting events circulate us with details of certain events including rallies.

But How Much Does All This Cost? 
Very much less than some other clubs - just 18 a year, with a 3 joining fee. If you would like your spouse or other adult family member to be a voting member of the Club in their own right, the additional subscription is 3 per person.  European, Asian, Australasian and north American members join for the equivalent fee in local currency.

How do I Join? 

  1. Go to the e-mail request form and complete, making sure that all fields marked with an asterisk are completed correctly.  This information will be e-mailed to the club office and we will then send you a membership enquiry pack including an application form which you will need to complete and return with your cheque by post.
  2. Print and fill in the application form as completely as possible and enclose a cheque to cover your subscription. As soon as your cheque has cleared you will receive your membership pack and further information.
  3. We hope to have on-line credit card application form available shortly.

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